Making deep learning available to everyone

We help you build and deploy your models on any device


Our platform allows you to choose the best algorithm and deploy it on any platform with the same code.

We help you choose the best suited deep learning model for your specific business problem.

Retrain the best model on your custom dataset using transfer learning.

Deploy your model and we optimize it to run fast on any device using our hybrid deployment technology.


Collection of latest ready-to-use pre-trained machine learning models.

Our platform allows you to test, deploy and retrain latest deep learning models without any previous knowledge about machine learning.

  • List of latest pre-trained deep learning models.
  • Test our deployment solution without signing up.
  • Run your model on-device or in the cloud using the same code
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Out of our research

Automated Rotoscoping

What if rotoscoping would be as simple as just clicking on an object?

*Example using our fully automated rotoscoping technology running in real-time.

Context-based filtering

We are the first introducing context-based video filters.

*Example using our Context-Based filters. Left: original footage. Right: Lemon bottle replaced by peach bottle.


Soul app allows you to record videos and
change your face and voice to make you anonymous.

*Example using Soul. Left: Original video. Right: anonymized video.


Try out our free App AntiBuddy which allows you to
remove unwanted people from your photos with a single touch.

*Example using Antibuddy 2.0. Left: Original image. Right: antibuddied person.


Our team consists of 5 people with everyone having previous experience in deep learning research. We know the problem better than anyone else.

Igor Susmelj


Mohammed Khouni


Lucas Vandroux


Heiki Riesenkampf


Did we get your interest?

Superman or Supergirl

Marcin Paszkiewicz


If making deep learning accessible to more people interests you drop us a line and let's discuss how we can help each other achieve our vision faster!